Aromabotanical is an Australian company that designs & manufactures  exceptional home fragrance products for lovers of fine fragrance and has 20yrs of successful distribution internationally. 

Aromabotanical has a signature range including Fragrant candles, diffusers, fragrant oils, room spray & fragrant ceramic discs, which releases New exciting fragrances seasonally. 

Aromabotanical's latest release aromacrystal is candles & diffusers fragranced with essential oil blends  & encrusted with real Crystals.

Aromabotanical's Wellbeing range of candles, diffusers, essential oils, & room spray feature aromatherapy essential oil blends for your mind & body wellness.


Our boutique perfumer, with a lifetime’s experience and passion, creates and manufactures bespoke fragrances for us using the finest ingredients right here in Australia. 

Aromabotanical high quality fragrance is filled with essential oils & pure extracts from the natural world.

 Aromabotanical candles are hand poured from ecologically sustainable botanical waxes and have cotton wicks. These waxes are blended to suit each different product’s performance criteria. Fragrance throw, clean burning and maximum burn time are all important considerations in a quality candle. 

We strive to make healthy, natural, sustainable products that bring indulgent luxury & wellbeing to your every day.

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